BET Awards 2010
A LIVE two-hour, hosted music award show; that celebrates the biggest, the best and most influential names in music, acting, sports, humanitarianism, philanthropy and other fields of entertainment.
The central theme to the award show is transformation. The idea of a €œtransformation comes from the premise that BET is the birth place where cultural innovations are encouraged, created, certified and launched into the world at large. Experiencing THE BET AWARDS transforms perceptions on music, style, sports, trends, entertainment, humanitarianism and culture in the collective imagination. It is the place where the pop culture standard is set.

Teases, complete promo package, complete pre/post, sponsor and show packages.

BET SVP Senior Creative Director: Kendrick Reid
BET VP Creative Director: Maurice Marable
BET Design Director: Pierre Vilmenay
Design: BET Creative Services Design Team
Design Company: Bombastic Inc.

BET Awards Movie Trailer

BET Awards 2010 Montage
BET Awards 2010 Logo Tease
BET Awards 2010 Queen Latifah Host ID
BET Awards 2010 Drake Talent ID
BET Awards 2010 Tres Songz Talent ID
BET Awards 2010 Nicki Minaj Talent ID
BET Awards 2010 Diddy Dirty MoneyTalent ID
BET Awards 2010 Who Wore What Promo
BET Awards 2010 Viewers Choice Promo
BET Awards 2010 Laundry List Promo
BET Awards 2010 Digital Macro Promo
BET Awards 2010 Poster
BET Awards 2010 Bus King
BET Awards 2010 All Markets
BET Awards 2010 T-Shirt
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