BET Awards 2011
The Award Show is an event, where people of all ages come to celebrate the the biggest and most influential names in music, acting, sports, humanitarianism, philanthropy and other fields of entertainment.
The BET audience, yearns for more than what is on the surface. Curious about things that are exciting, progressive and fun.  Looking for new experiences and having great expectations for an awards show. 
Enter the portal into the world of the BET Awards and enjoy the journey to the greatest awards show in the Universe. An experience where the dreams and desires for entertainment, are reflected in the most imaginative and Funktastical way.

Teases, promo package, complete pre-post, sponsor and show packages.

BET SVP Senior Creative Director: Kendrick Reid
BET VP Creative Director: Maurice Marable
BET Design Director: Pierre Vilmenay
​​​​​​​Design: BET Creative Services Design Team
Design Company: Stardust NYC

BET Awards 2011 Program Book Cover

BET Awards 2011 Program Book Spread
BET Awards 2011 Poster 1
BET Awards 2011 Poster 2
BET Awards 2011 Poster 3

BET Awards 2011 2 Sheet
BET Awards 2011 Taxi Top
BET Awards 2011 Step and Repeat
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