BET Hip Hop Awards 2010
The BET HIP HOP AWARDS is an electric energetic presentation and celebration of the year in Hip Hop. It is the show that perpetuates the inevitable evolution and innovation of Hip Hop artists and culture. Featuring the artists of the moment, performing the music of the moment, in the culture that is always defines the moment, Hip Hop.

The chemistry of the culture, the genius, the survival and dominance of Hip Hop has always been about how elements are mixed, remixed, chopped up, stirred up in new and inventive ways. This “secret formula” of Hip Hop is our main ingredient for this campaign. Like the art form itself... skills, excellence and freshness are paramount, the fun-factor is weighed in with equal importance. 

Teases, promos, promo and show packages.

BET SVP Senior Creative Director: Kendrick Reid
BET VP Creative Director: Maurice Marable
BET Design Director: Pierre Vilmenay
Design: BET Creative Services Design Team
Design Company: Alien Kung Fu
Hip Hop Awards Montage
Hip Hop Awards :10 Logo Tease
Hip Hop Awards Conceptual Promo
Hip Hop Awards Mike Epps Host Promo
Hip Hop Awards Poster
Hip Hop Awards Mike Epps Host Promo
Hip Hop Awards Burger King Sponsor Promo
Hip Hop Awards Car Card
Hip Hop Awards Bus King
Hip Hop Awards T-Shirt 1
Hip Hop Awards T-Shirt 2
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