BET Networks Rebrand
The new BET identity is an eclectic mix of pop, soul, fun and fashion. It is both modern and forward in approach. Aspirational and inspirational with a fresh new visual landscape for the viewer. It is about pride, sophistication and most importantly, confidence.

The brand shines a light on the pride and richness of black culture and reinforces the notion that the BET audience is a leader in fashion and pop culture trends, while still appealing to a family audience.

Loud and proud. Bold and strong. Represent the BET audience and a system that says: we’re modern, stylish, smart, fun, dramatic and we’re entertaining.  A system maintains freshness.  Below is a sampling of the rebrand.

BET SVP Senior Creative Director: Kendrick Reid
BET Design Director: Pierre Vilmenay
Design Company: Interspectacular 


BET 30th Anniversary  ID
Star Cinema Open
BET 3030
The Bernie Mac. Show - Mr 3000 Stunt


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